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psychotherapist san diego

Therapy is the most important gift you can give yourself.

Psychotherapy is an intimate experience that provides a safe, supportive, and confidential way for people to effectively make changes in their lives and move past difficulties. It is vital to have a space that encourages true vulnerability to share your feelings, thoughts, pleasures, desires, and fears in order to reach recovery. 

Creating Space

I want to help you cultivate an awareness of your thoughts and behaviors to make better choices and actively participate in your own life. I am available by appointment for individual or group therapy, clinical supervision, or consulting.

My practice prioritizes people.

I offer telemental health service by utilizing HIPAA-compliant video conferencing in the privacy of your home through your personal device. I also offer complimentary phone consultations to explore working together, or refer you to a colleague who may be a better match.

My goal is to make psychotherapy accessible to everyone. Therapy can be expensive yet it should not be a luxury or tool for a selected few. Contact me to discuss rates and whether a rate based on your income is right for you. 
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